Owners can,  and have every right to sell their own home, however there are  risks, such as, underpricing and legal ramifications pertaining to contracts, required disclosures state, county and federal, this can be a challenge, below is a list of necessities to consider when seller your home yourself. 

Some things to ask yourself when selling your own home.

1. What is your house worth, over price it, it won’t sell, underprice it and your giving your equity away.  Some seller use Zillow, is it really accurate, I personally sold a home for $925,000, Zillow showed a sold price of 1,200,000.

2. Before someone goes through your home, you want to make sure they are qualified to purchase your home, how do you qualify a buyer, before letting them view your home?

3.  Does your schedule allow you to take all phone calls coming from a buyer, and are you available to show that buyer the home on their schedule?

4.  Hold an open house for buyers, be very careful, even REALTORS get scam buyers, but we can stop them quickly.  Person knocks on the door and you take them all through your house, is there just one or more in a group are they casing your home?

5.  Remember not to say too much or the potential buyer will have the upper hand, there is a illness in the family, a divorce, financial problems, buyers as do buyer’s agent pay close attention to this, why to get your home under market value, you are desperate and need to sell.  I tell my sellers if ask any questions refer the buyer’s agent or buyer to me the listing agent.  When I work as a buyer’s agent I try to find out as much as possible about the seller as I want my buyer to get the home as much as possible below asking price.

6. Are you familiar with the requirement set by the city, county state or federal, you need to be, or you may get sued in court for misrepresentation, withholding material facts, is there a change in zoning, what can the vacant space be used for across the street?

As I said you can sell your own home, but make sure you consider and protect yourself in any real estate transaction.  You can also buy a home without a REALTOR but again know the questions to ask, and where you can get the answers personally.