Are you an experienced real estate agents, new agent, or considering a career real estate.  Does your current company offer the following to you as one of their associate?  Trying to decide on a firm to associate with as a new agent, ask these questions

  • $21,000 cap per anniversary year
  • Franchise fee of 6% until $3000, no more fee after these fees you are 100%
  • You get all your calls the company gives you, your own phone extension, which you use on all marketing along with your cell, etc.
  • The Profit Sharing
  • The Retirement Plan
  • Support from management, staff, and associates in the Market centers
  • Technology furnished, showing services, 2 websites, marketing material, lead generators, access to any of the KW office, and much more, this is just a quick scenario.
  • Start at 70% until you cap, then 100% for the rest of your anniversary year.
  • Keller Williams Realty increased both in revenue and agents count even in the down market?
  • Keller Williams has not debt service.
  • You know your listing better than anyone, other than the seller, you get all you calls on your listings.

 Before you chose to associate with any real estate company talk to a Keller Williams Realty associate first.

You wonder why everyone supports everyone else, simple the more the market center make the more profit there is to share with the associate, so it is to everyone’s advantage to help make the other agents successful to increase the profits paid back to the agents.

What type of agent work at KW, all types of agents, want your weekends off, not problem, a real vacation bug, no problem, a 24/7 agent, no problem, you work the schedule that suits you, there is always someone there to help you and cover for you if needed.  In my 30 years being a broker, associate broker and salesperson in real estate, I have never seen this relationship among agents in any office.

I would like to discuss what the company has done for me, and, the other agents I know personally who transferred to Keller Williams Select Realtors.  Give me a call; our conversation will be confidential.  Then, if you have an interest, I would like to invite you to meet Kevin Goodnight, who hired me.  He is the team leader of the 5 offices, with over 500 agents, and works side by side with the agents to make sure they achieve the success in real estate they desire, and at their own pace.  Kevin does not compete against the agents; his position is the administrative side of the business.